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    Transported onto an alien ship and expected to fight. This was not exactly what Vegeta had in mind for a chance to get away from the idiocy he found in his ally and enemy, Goku. Of course, he naturally chose to take Kara with him as she was the only Saiyan thus far who seem to have any sense. Whatever the case, the trio had yet again found themselves in a heap of potential trouble. Vegeta felt some kind of similarity, this to the captivity that was the rule of Frieza. Though, Frieza actually had them doing something, this… this was just gladitorial combat and even he didn’t like the idea of it. There was nothing to prove. Though, the trio had been threatened with one thing. If any of them lost to this unfamiliar race’s champions, Earth and all its inhabitants would die. Now, Kara and Goku couldn’t let that happen.
    Vegeta didn’t really care. He cared for Kara, maybe a little bit for Kakarot, but overall he didn’t give a damn about the planet or the human species. After two easy battles for Goku and Vegeta, Kara was left. Apparently they had been saving their strongest champion for last. The emperor of this race must’ve known about the history and culture of the Saiyans. Strong as the enemy was for Kara, Vegeta wasn’t worried. Twice as strong as she was, about twice her literal size as well. The beast with blue skin, yellow eyes and disgusting yellow rows of jagged teeth snarled as it loomed, towering over the red haired saiyan woman at a staggering ten feet. Had Kara ever learned to control her Oozaru form, it would probably be an optimal time to use it.
    All this and the fight hadn’t even begun. “Is… is that thing even…” Goku started to question while he and Vegeta were forced to watch the combat. “Yes Kakarot, that thing knows exactly what it’s doing,” Vegeta replied haughtily. He wanted this to be over with as soon as possible. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t wish to see Kara get hurt, he knew she could take it; it was more the pure annoyance he was getting from the gladitorial combat this race enjoyed at their price. It was almost damaging to his pride. All three of them would’ve been able to leave if they knew just where they had been taken and how they had gotten there.
    Vegeta’s concentration on his fury was broken when the sound of the opening alarm went off. The fight had now officially began. The monster began with several heavy attacks, some which hit Kara hard and had her soaring across the arena. Vegeta watched in silence while Goku clenched his hands tightly in anticipation. “Vegeta, how can you just sit there like that?! She’s getting trashed!” Goku finally said about a minute into the battle. Vegeta’s brow twitched slightly. “Kakarot, you hold little faith in Nendai. Because you are so terrified of hurting her, she had started to come train with me… You have yet to see any of her potential,” Vegeta replied coldly. Goku looked at him with a more furrowed brow. There was really nothing either of them could do right now.
    Then, his friend surprised him. Goku caught a familiar twitch on Vegeta, a twitch of nervousness, anxeity. His attention returned to the arena when he heard Kara speak. “You’re finished,” she said smirking. “Finished?” the beast growled, “How can I be finished? You haven’t even thrown a single blow!” Kara smirked, the injuries on her skin starting to his and steam away. Goku and Vegeta both felt her power level spike for a moment while she healed her own wounds. “One blow is all I need,” she replied much to the stunned creature’s surprise. She stood up fully and then with a single motion she used her Gaia Cannon and blew everything on the beast from the sternum upward clean off. The beast fell to the floor, leaving Kara satisfied.
    Goku, on the other hand, was even more shocked than the beast was when Kara healed herself. “How did she do that?!” he asked loudly. “Long before you got the title of earth’s protector, Kara was already being trained for such a mission. Her teacher didn’t waste her time making her compete in silly tournaments like your’s did, so she was taught how to heal herself in order to keep herself on he feet… it also allows her to take twice as much damage as you and I can,” Vegeta explained, even as emasculating as the principle was.

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