Episode: A Mysterious Stranger and a Creepy Tournament!


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    Episode: A Mysterious Stranger and a Creepy Tournament!  Empty Episode: A Mysterious Stranger and a Creepy Tournament!

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    “This planet looks suffient, think it’ll have enough life energy to sussstain the lord?” the hissing voice of a living, disproportionate mutant of a cockroach asked. “We’ll have a problem if the planet is inhabited with any kind of warriors,” the captain of the vessel remarked, “We can’t let anything happen to our master.” The humanoid captain with blue skin and wild white hair stood, his right eye replaced with an artificial eye, a large and red monocle looking device. It appeared to serve a close function to that of Frieza’s scouters judging from the data blipping across it. “Show me the history of this planet,” he demanded. The cockroach tittered and obeyed, the viewing screen becoming littered with images of the planet’s history. “Mostly humans, though there are a few resident Saiyans after the Trade Federation was destroyed, achieved super sssaiyan ability,” the ugly insect stated.

    “Super Saiyans, hm?” the captain questioned, “Their need to fight would help us eradicate the warriors on their planet. Good. Now, this planet has a lust for watching people fight so… let’s host a tournament.” The bug hissed in a crude enjoyment of the idea of death. “Soo gooood, do I get to eat their bodies?” the insect jovially tittered again. “Once we eradicate the planet of warriors, you can have yourself a feast, Geedly,” the white haired, blue skinned ship captain commented. He and his crew worked for a planet eating monster, a huge beast with massive power but it lacked a lot of maneuverability. The captain’s name was Wrath, and he lived up to that name. No one in the universe was as cruel, cutthroat and angry as the man who was the captain of the destroyer class vessel named Abysus. “Prepare the landing sequence.”

    For the people of Earth, this was like any other normal day. People were out shopping, farmers were tending their livestock, and the Z Warriors were training under the beautiful sunny day. Goku and Goten were going at it in the front yard of their house. The youngest of the family had decided to play his version of hide and go seek, which usually involved hiding in trees and then jumping down from above and attacking is father. “Would you two quit screwing around, it’s dinner time!” Chichi barked from the front door. “Food!” Goten squealed happily, jumping down from his father’s shoulders and scampered along the ground on all fours. Goku grinned and followed alongside his son. Goten looked up at his father before jumping up and pushing off of his chest in flight. “Race you there!” he shouted. “You’re on!” Goku replied as he too took flight. Goku was having mindless fun with his youngest son, he opted to be fair and naturally let Goten win the race home, it made Goten quite happy.

    Goku felt nothing happier than to be at peace on the planet with his family. Chichi, his wife, was starting to yap at Goten to go wash his hands after running around on all fours all day. Nothing better for the defender of Earth than the easy peace that fell over the planet and gave him the life of a radish farmer. Before Chichi could start her usual brazen roar of nagging at him, Goku remembered to wash his hands as he quickly sat down for dinner.; to his left sat Goten and to his right, his teenaged Son, Gohan. He was still in his clothes from school that day. Goku tried to take an interest in how his oldest son’s day was, but most of what he was talking about soared right over his head. He used such big words Goku barely had a grasp on. It made him proud though. It made him proud to hear his son enjoy himself where the saiyan warrior never had the chance to. Gohan was starting to sound like Bulma to him, content being smart. Needless to say, that made Goku no less cheerful about his state of mind.

    Trunks, on the other hand, was sipping at a juice box while his argumentative parents were at what they did best again. He stared out one of the windows, sitting in a crouch with his chin sitting in his palm while they argued away behind him. Often times he felt like they forgot he was there. He gave a light sigh, his melancholy interrupted by the sight of something breaking atmosphere. He stood up and put his arms at his side, he wanted to get a better look at this thing. It looked like it was landing somewhere nearby so with any hope he wouldn’t be gone for too long. “Hey Mom…” he started, pointing towards the ship. His voice didn’t even break the barrier between the shouting voices of his parents. Sucks for them. He finished his juice box and threw it away, leaving shortly afterwards to investigate. While Trunks traveled in flight, he found himself wondering if his mom was going to kick his dad out sometime soon, probably likely seeing how all his father ever did was train in the gravity chamber or eat. Trunks knew Vegeta was his father, but the man certainly didn’t act like it. Sometimes Trunks felt like the saiyan prince was ashamed of him.

    Giving a huff of aggression, Trunks bolted towards the landing space thing. It was a landing space craft, a dark exterior, the light of the surrounding area just seeming to get sucked into the black hole effect the skin of this extraterrestrial craft had. Trunks stared at for a few minutes, hovering high above it. “What the hell,” he muttered when he swore he saw the ship start to pulsate, undulating like the surface was alive and crawling. He rubbed his eyes and the motion stopped, keeping him from getting sucked into the bizarre outside of the vessel. There was a crack in the exterior, then light coming from inside, it was opening. Trunks freaked for a moment and quickly dropped down to the ground to hide somewhere next to the entrance so he could hear what was going on and see just who had landed on the planet this time.

    “Mm, you can just smell the energy on this planet, it will work perfectly to feed our master,” Trunks heard before anyone stepped out. He furrowed his brows, already this didn’t sound good. His brow twitched in anticipation as he heard footsteps as someone walked out. He kept his power level at a minimum just like he had been trained to do. He didn’t want to attract more attention than he could handle. He witnessed a man dressed in what he considered to be space pirate garb: Knee high boots over pants, armor over his chest that kind of looked like what his father wore, a black cape swirling behind him and the blue skinned man had white hair in long tentacle tresses. The saiyan halfling boy gulped, this couldn’t be good.

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