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    “Kara, what was it like serving under Frieza? How did you get to Earth?” Gohan found himself asking at dinner one evening. Videl looked at him, the two both turning towards the red haired woman across the table from them. The saiyan female blinked her eyes a couple of times in surprise. “What was your life like?” Videl furthered the question, “Serving with people like Vegeta while Goku was fighting King Piccolo? Or even everything after?” Gohan nodded, “I’d like to know everything, about being a Saiyan… things I couldn’t hope to learn from Vegeta.” “You certainly seem willing enough to learn… It’s a long story though, I warn you,” Kara said with a small nod.

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    Crossfade (Dragonball Z) Empty Chapter One: Friends and Beginnings.

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    It didn’t take a genius to realize what Frieza had been planning for several years when he had taken the Saiyan people under his control and the planet Vegeta. The saiyans were a powerful warrior race, known throughout the galaxy, even the universe, for their prowess in battle and their unrivaled strength. What they could not take, they destroyed, and simply what they could not destroy they unwillingly respected. Several good lives were lost in the genocide of Planet Vegeta. Kara’s parents and King Vegeta were among the first to die before Frieza’s plan came full circle. He loathed Saiyans, fearing a specific type of saiyan above all else, the Super Saiyan. He feared that they could overthrow him; he feared that they would destroy him. A good while before the end of planet Vegeta however, two of King Vegeta’s most loyal and trusted guards had a daughter a year and a half after the prince was born. Her mother was a beautiful woman of great powerful potential with long, gorgeous red hair and brown eyes. She was a little more slender than most females on the planet because of her ability to maintain a non-threatening base form. She was by every means a beautiful woman, often the envy of others. Kotso was a strong elite guard of a noble background. He was tall and rough looking like any Saiyan male with a scar across the side of his right eye. Neither of them were able to give their child a name before they were unknowingly sent off to die by Frieza.

    When King Vegeta learned of their demises, he did give the girl a name in honor of his fallen friends. Kara was a young bright eyed saiyan female with a high power level for her infant age, something she had acquired from her father. The king believed she would serve as a great young friend to his son as he grew and potentially be more. While he didn’t hold his breath on the idea of his son loving the girl, in the next five years as Vegeta grew, he and Kara proved the best of rivals and friends. Vegeta already had become a fierce warrior as a child, forcing his friend to keep up. Vegeta was cruel and mean, but towards the one person who’d take his torment without complaint, he bothered himself to lighten up a little. Prince Vegeta was standing with his arms crossed as he watched more ships launch from the ground. Kara was next to him, sitting on the window sill like the strange little girl she was. Her legs were loosely crossed, her hair tied back into a red band and she was leaning forward onto her hands. Her brown eyes blinked a few times but as usual, she was silent. “Maybe you two should go down to the main training bay and play a game,” King Vegeta suggested to the two children who were looking out the window. Vegeta’s face quickly became scorched red. “I’m not going to play a game with that thing!” he shouted quickly in retaliation, pointing wildly at the redhead. Kara was quick to retort, “I’m not a thing you bug!” King Vegeta sighed at the prince and his friend, though typical behaviour, sometimes it even got on his nerves. “Go down there before I have to make it an order and you get a whole escort,” the king threatened, crossing his arms.

    Vegeta huffed; he didn’t care one way or another. He was not going. Kara on the other hand, though she was as prideful as all Saiyans were, was quite good at taking hints and making it irresistible for the Prince to not want to follow suit. “Race ya down there slow poke,” Kara said as she jumped off of the sill and quickly shot off down the halls. There wasn’t much room to fly indoors so Vegeta was forced to go on foot. “Not fair, you got a head start!” he shouted after her, the prince quickly taking after her. The king gave a chortled chuckle as he watched them leave over his shoulder. His son may have still been a cold and ruthless warrior, but at least with that girl around she constantly sparked his competitive nature and got him to work with others. “Such a rambunctious little brat your son is, Vegeta,” Frieza’s voice suddenly spoke from the shadows. The King’s kind expression towards his son and his friend disappeared instantly. His brows furrowed tightly in anger, the edge of his mouth turned downward. He even had to bite the inside of his lower lip for a moment to keep himself from barking out at the three foot tall demon that had simply let himself inside the palace, inside his home. “What can I do for you, Lord Frieza?” the king questioned. He had to keep the strain away from his voice. Though it was hard and he thought he was doing well, Frieza smirked and looked at the King with his beady red eyes staring straight through him like he knew. He knew of the hatred and aggression, but the pointlessness and futility of trying disobey orders.

    The room felt warmer to the King as he tried to keep his rage in check, his white gloved hands tightened to the point the fabric across his knuckles was nearly at its tensile limit. “I’d like to take your son,” Frieza said quite outright. The king’s eyes widened in the absurdity, “But he’s my son!” he barked out. Frieza tittered slightly, that mocking sneer still on his face. “Of course, Vegeta! I’m saying I could offer him protection and the best training should,” he paused, the smirk fading just slightly, “Should something happen to you.” Vegeta knew right then that Frieza had every intention of using his own son against him. However, he wasn’t a fool. He and his son would most certainly die if he denied Frieza his whim. “What about Kara?” the king questioned. “Who?” Frieza asked without hesitation. Instead of bringing more harm that could possibly befall her, Vegeta decided against explaining her. Now, though, Frieza was certain the king was trying to hide something.

    Instead of giving into his want for questioning the King of all Saiyans, Frieza figured he could get a straighter answer out of someone later. “So what do you say, Vegeta?” Frieza questioned again, growing mildly impatient. “Fine,” the king stated lowly. “I didn’t catch that, what did you say?” Frieza asked, that disdainful tone he carried like salt to open wounds. “I said you may have my son,” Vegeta barked, quickly turning on his heel and hastily leaving. “What have I done?” Vegeta muttered to himself as he left the hall. He strode into his throne room and took a seat in the chair the room was designed for. With no one to hear out at the moment, the guards were in other parts of the palace and his personal guards, his elites, were also tending to their own business. His trusted friend Kotso and brother in arms had been dead for several years now. “My friend, what I wouldn’t give to have your insight at the moment,” he growled under his breath, leaning down into his right hand. He rubbed his eyes, the burning sensation giving him no room to look up. Right now, King Vegeta felt he couldn’t look up. He couldn’t face the room; he couldn’t face himself given the words he had just spoken to a madman. As the king was entranced by darkness, he found his mind drifting towards his son’s friend. Would he be the same without her? What would he have to do about her to keep Vegeta from deviating away from Frieza, something that could get him killed? The king was certain he’d rather give up his life than have to hand his son over to Frieza. “I’ll give them four more days together, before I send her away,” he muttered outwardly. The thought of hurting his son emotionally by taking away his best and only friend was taxing the king’s mind. It was breaking his heart. The King of all Saiyans was sitting alone in his throne room starting to gently starting to cry from a feeling he hadn’t had since his queen had died.

    While this deal went unknown to Kara and Vegeta, the two children were having a riot of a time with each other. “Told ya you were slow!” Kara giggled, seeming to defy gravity as she stood on the wall some several feet over the prince’s head. The two were void of armor, both wearing similar clothing except for the fact Vegeta’s was blue and Kara’s was black. She was having one hell of a gigglefest as she teased her friend. “The Prince of all Saiyan’s isn’t slow!” he then barked, punching the wall. A crack ran all the way up the wall and disturbed the redhead’s footing, causing her to fall. She landed on her face with her tail and rear end up in the air. Kara groaned and then pushed herself up, now being on her hands and knees, rubbing her nose. “That was uncalled for!” she shouted. Vegeta gave a huge smirk as he looked to her. “Well duh, you never said I had to be fair,” he cackled at her reddened face. “Even if I had said to be fair, it’s not like you would’ve been,” Kara said. She stood up and brushed herself off. “Shorty Prince!” she then quickly teased again.
    “Stupid woman!” Vegeta shouted as he tackled the girl to the ground. The two continued their roughhousing continued, even as Kara had a hold of Vegeta’s ear and was tugging hard on it. “Take that!” “Get off of me ugly!” The two spazzed and quit when the door to the training room opened. “Nappa, what the hell are you doing here?” Vegeta barked as he stood up. The large male with a tuft of hair atop his head gave a chuckle. He loved these two rowdy twerps. “It looked like you use a challenge,” he grinned. Vegeta and Kara looked at one another for a second, not sure if to take up this so called challenge. “You’re in for it now old man!” Kara suddenly shouted as she got up. The saiyan girl bolted ahead as always and started her assault on the large saiyan male.

    Prince Vegeta stared at her for a second, his brow arched high as he watched her ponytail flick around wildly. Nappa was mostly just blocking attacks for right now, but Vegeta knew the general would find a spot and knock the overenthusiastic girl across the room. Sure enough, Nappa thrust an open palm right into Kara’s side and it tossed her across the room. She hit the wall hard enough to crater it, unsurprisingly, she was okay. “That’s not fair!” she tried to bark. Nappa gave a hard belly laugh. “You’re going to have a hard time in the field if you keep thinking everything isn’t fair,” he stated, his large hands coming up to his hips. Vegeta started laughing as well, his hands on his hips as he looked down at his younger friend. His attention was quickly grabbed when Nappa started a training assault on Vegeta, the young prince dodging out of the way. Kara watched in awe as the two bounced across the room. She pouted, her thin lips poking outward. “Damn, I’m never going to be as good as these guys,” she complained. She continued in a sad desperation as she watched, before using her only talent so far for speed and launched herself at Nappa. She hit his abdomen hard with her shoulders, winding the large male. Kara beamed in pride when he hit the ground, coughing. “What you lack in brute strength you definitely make up for in speed,” Nappa praised, slowly putting himself back up on his feet. Vegeta growled for a moment before Kara elbowed him in the stomach. “Ow! The hell!” and naturally the two went back to their usual fighting and bickering, supervised by Nappa.

    The four days came and went. At the height of the fifth day, Kara was called to an audience with the King. Kara looked around the throne room; she had never had the pleasure of being in here. The guards were gone but the noble elites were still standing behind the king’s throne. Kara was dressed in simple armor, white and void of the shoulder pads and hip panels. Kara noticed quickly that something was up from the way the king looked at her and the elites. “Kara, I’m afraid I have to send you on assignment,” the king started off. “Assignment?” the redhead asked slowly. “Frieza wishes to take the Prince from us, and he will no matter what we think about it,” he continued. This quickly made the girl freeze in place. Frieza, she knew who that was. Everyone knew who he was. “You can’t let him do that!” Kara shouted after several long and painful moments of silence. Her voice echoed hollowly through the large room. “I am sorry Kara, but I cannot let you put his life at stake,” the king continued. “It’s you, you’re the one who is putting his life at stake!” she shouted again, tears starting to slip from her brown eyes. “Silence!” King Vegeta shouted over her.

    Kara stopped still again, but her eyes were no longer locked on the brown haired king. “Kara, having you around causes him to deviate, if he deviates at all from Lord Frieza, he will certainly be killed. Don’t think it doesn’t hurt me to do this,” he stated. Kara closed her eyes tightly, her pain and tears not quelled at all by his statement. “You will be sent away from Planet Vegeta, to where if anything goes wrong, you will be safe. You will be away from the planet with another Saiyan who will be sent at random to help you grow and become the warrior you are meant to be,” he stated. “It... it almost sounds like you’re expecting to die soon,” Kara muttered. “Go,” King Vegeta ordered. Kara saluted him and ran off to take her assignment, given no time for a good bye with the prince.

    An hour or so later, the prince was wandering around the palace, looking for the redhead. “Father, where’s Kara?” he asked once he found him. “She’s gone, you are no longer allowed to be friends with her,” the king said coldly. Kara had almost been like a daughter to him, so keeping a straight face was very hard. “Frieza would not allow it,” he finished. The prince’s eyes widened significantly. “No, she wasn’t allowed to leave!” he shouted suddenly. The prince’s body shook violently, but he quickly contained his anger and the most frightening look of pure coldness came to his eyes. It almost scared even the prince’s father. Vegeta’s lips twitched slightly. His only option right now was to be a cold, hard warrior. If Kara was sent away, his reason for being anything other was gone. It was surprising how quick the change was in him. It was simply like a switch had been flipped in him. The light left his eyes, the fire he had was now only one meant to burn out of control.

    The prince turned on the ball of his foot and then left. His aggression was soon left to be taken out on some saiba men in one of the smaller training rooms underground. How could his father do this? How could his father, the king, even let Frieza take away Kara? Vegeta ran these questions through his head while he slaughtered the little green men about the same height he was. He didn’t realize had started to shed tears about it until he was wrists deep in a Saiba man, bludgeoning it to death with his gloved hands. The first tear got his attention when it hit his forearm. He wasn’t sad. He knew that much. They were tears of frustration and rage. His father and Frieza had done something to him that was inexcusible. They had taken away his best and only friend, they had taken away something... something precious. Vegeta let out a loud roar after a moment and incinerated the corpse of the Saiba man. Once his tantrum ceased the young prince walked out of the training room without a word, went to his room, and locked himself inside.

    Days came and went, eventually the day came that Vegeta was taken into Frieza’s ship and locked away. The room was black, empty, rodent infested. It was basically a cell. The prince went unaware of his father’s attempt to rescue him from the eventual torment he would obtain from the wrath of Frieza. The Icejiin did away with his planet, the young man only flitching at the noise of a scurrying mouse up the wall. He shortened the creature’s already short life span, remaining in the dark. The one thing that kept roaring to the prince’s mind was why his father first got rid of Kara, and then himself. He was given away to the enemy of all people! His face stayed cold, his eyes staring hard into the blackness in front of them. He was alone now, more so than he ever thought. That’s where his past ended and his future began.

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