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    ( Inspired by: Iron by Woodkid;theme from Assassin's Creed: Revelations. For Josh. <3~ )

    "Goku, you've got to stop being so careless about your decisions!" Meimei shouted, trying to reason with the saiyan as he walked up the steps to the space ship that Doctor Briefs had built for his travel to Namek. "I'm not changing my mind, Meimei," the saiyan said as he paused and frowned at the brunette woman he was speaking to. Of course, he had to remember just who he was speaking to exactly. Meimei was of course an extraordinary human, stronger than his childhood friend, Chichi, but she had also managed to become his wife. That alone was more than enough reason to keep doing exactly what he was doing despite her cautions. He never knew Meimei to be tense, so when she was on edge about something, he tended to listen to her. She was far easier to deal with than the pushiness of Chichi, a kind, loving woman with a lot of wisdom that had certainly helped Goku out in a pinch. Goku absolutely adored Meimei, but he wasn't going to abandon his son and his friends on Namek for her, not that she would want such a thing anyway.
    Meimei sighed softly and then walked up to him. "Meimei, I need you and the others to hold down the fort here, please. I don't want you subjected to whatever evils I may have to face on Namek," Goku said softly, placing both of his hands on her shoulders. She looked at him for a moment and then turned away. He felt the worry she had for both him and their son radiating from her form. He raised both of his eye brows and gently took Meimei's small chin in his large hand, having her look at him. "I know you're concerned, I am too... I'm not doing this carelessly, I need to help Kuririn and Gohan. I need to make sure they survive," he spoke to her in the most reassuring tone he could muster. It was a brave face given that he had no idea what he was up against. He gently kissed the brunette's forehead, her dark blue eyes looking up at him. He gave a small laugh. "You look so silly, Meimei. C'mon, smile for me," he said, a small smile coming to his face. He gently pet her cheek and then let go of her for a moment. It was a moment too long for him before he picked her up in her arms in a tight hug, knowing it was going to be the last time he would be able to hold her for at least a month and more, given how long it might take him to deal with this problem that faced them all. He held her tight, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. Meimei nuzzled into his shoulder, causing a small pang of guilt to arise from his core, his heart aching.
    He knew now was the time to leave since if he held onto Meimei any longer, he was worried he was going to lose his nerve to leave. He put her down and let go, gently brushing his hand over her face. "I think it's time for me to go now," Goku said softly. Meimei was reluctant and her heart was heavy, but she walked back down the stairs to an awaiting Master Roshi and Dr. Briefs. "Stay with Master Roshi, at least you'll have some company while I'm gone," Goku said, putting on his usual charismatic smile and waving good bye. The door closed behind him, starting the liftoff sequence shortly afterwards. Meimei had never been one to cry, but she was having a hard time keeping a straight face.
    Goku watched as the Earth started to disappear. He bit his lower lip and pulled out a picture he had of himself, Meimei and Gohan. Gohan couldn't have been more than two in the picture. He looked so happy as he waved his hands at the camera, having the biggest grin on his face. Now that Goku thought of it, it was bigger than any he had ever seen of himself around that age. Now, Gohan was only five and he was risking his life on another planet to bring back the lives of those Vegeta and Nappa had killed. It was surprising really, Gohan looked almost completely like him. It was hard to see anything of Meimei in him except for the glitter of massive Ki reserves. Goku blinked a little when his vision suddenly got blurry, reaching his hand up and wiping the strayed tears from his eyes. He then smiled softly and hung the picture up on one of the walls of the capsule, gently touching over both Meimei's and Gohan's images with his index and ring finger of his right hand with each digit corresponding to his wife and son.
    "Now it's up to me to get stronger, so I can protect you and everyone else," he said to the picture with a stern expression.
    Goku knew he needed to train, but his shoulders slumped. This was going to be a long month. For as long as he could remember, Meimei had always been there with a hot meal and a warm hug. "I miss Meimei already," he complained rather openly.

    + + + + + + + +

    Meimei sighed heavily after Goku's ship disappeared into the blackness of space. She bit her lower lip for a second and sighed. "C'mon Meimei, the party's over," Roshi said, trying to usher her away. Meimei remained silent for a few moments longer, then turning towards Roshi. She was dressed in her usual red and pink yukata with black shoes. Up until she was around 16, she had always worn something decently modest until she sacrificed modesty for mobility in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Just thinking about that uniform gave Roshi a nose bleed. Unfortunately though, right before she was supposed to fight Goku she had been attacked and had her hand stabbed through with a knife. Roshi was still convinced that she would have had Goku on the ropes if she hadn't been previously injured. Unfortunately, that tournament ended up Chichi proving how batshit insane she was by trying to rope Goku into marrying her, entrapment style.
    In Roshi's book, the smartest thing Goku had ever done in his life was giving Chichi an honest no due to the affections he had for the much kinder and far less crazy Meimei. As Roshi witnessed their relationship grow, he saw less and less of the little wild child he used to train and far more of a man. It was rare for Meimei to raise her voice to Goku at all, let alone Gohan. Without worrying about setting someone off all the time with a far more relaxed home environment, Goku was allowed into his element and Meimei did her darndest to help Goku understand the world around him that he had been far shut off to. Goku had even taken a shying to public displays of affection, often kissing Meimei or holding her around the waist. Goku was still a strong and adept fighter, but he had been brought out of his shell to the human concept of love and that fighting wasn't everything.
    Roshi had to admit that he had Meimei to thank for all of that. Taking Goku from a fighting machine and turning him into more of a well rounded human. Even more amazing than all of this was the fact Goku was brought so much out of his shell, Chichi had to admit she was no good for him.
    "Think he'll be alright on his own?" Meimei asked, looking to the Turtle Hermit. "Don't be so negative, this is Goku we're talking about here," Roshi replied with a fat grin. Meimei smiled softly and nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right." She stopped holding her hands so tightly together that her knuckles were white and relaxed enough to let them fall down to her sides. "I'll catch up with you later, I need to go ask Korin and Mr. Popo about something," Meimei commented. Roshi nodded, "Alright, just don't be late." The female arched a brow, "Late for what?" "Dinner! You've been elected to cook!" he said loudly. Oolong clapped his hands. "Yeah, way better than Roshi's cooking," he added, "By far... the best." Meimei laughed softly. "I'll try not to forget," she replied, then flying off. "Now how did Goku land a piece of ass like that, again?" Oolong questioned Roshi. "I was there and I've yet to figure it out," he replied.

    + + + + + + + + + + +

    Time passed quickly by, it was already a week away from Goku's planned landing time on Namek. Fortunately from the relayed reports he had gotten from Bulma, nothing interesting, or dangerous, had started to happen yet. There were a few disappearances of the locals, but they were chocking it up to the local wildlife like their versions of T-rexes and Teradactyls. No one seemed incredibly concerned yet though she did mention that something had both Gohan and Kuririn on edge at times and they wouldn't tell her. Goku was in the middle of a few handstand push ups while they spoke, working at roughly 450 times normal Earth gravity.
    "So how are you holding up?" Bulma asked him. Goku looked at the screen, "What do you mean?" he questioned. "Don't play dumb with me, Wiseguy," Bulma scolded him like an older sister, "I mean, c'mon, you and Meimei have barely spent an hour apart since you got married. This has gotta be weird for you. A whole month with that kind of devotion has gotta feel like years, gosh..." Bulma drifted a little, then Goku chuckled and pushed himself up into the air and landing on his feet with a small grunt. He then grabbed his towel and mopped off his brow. "It's been hard, but it's been worth it, I bet Gohan is excited to be able to see me again," he commented. "The little guy is ecstatic, Goku. He's been chattering about it non-stop since he heard the news," Bulma replied with a grin while flashing him the peace sign. Goku gave a tired grin and gave her one back. "Tell him I'll be there in a few days, just hang on," he said, giving a bit more of a serious expression.
    "Will do, Goku. He says hi, by the way," Bulma said. Goku smiled warmly, "Tell him hi back, and that both I and his mother love him very much." Bulma nodded, "Well, back to work. Bulma out," she said with a wink and then the screen went black. Bulma had a point though, this had been a very hard trip for Goku. A month away from Meimei and almost two months away from his young son. He had been training hard though in an attempt to keep his mind off of them and to prepare for whatever was in store for him. The reason he decided to join them on Namek was that Kuririn had managed to get a message through to him earlier, saying that something really dark was starting to happen and that he didn't want to freak Bulma out by telling her. Villagers weren't disappearing, they were dying, being plucked off one or two at a time by some armored men. The first thing that came to mind was Vegeta, he probably was somehow involved in all of this since his uniform was the one described by Kuririn.
    It set the unease in Goku's mind forward a little, one that wasn't made any easier by glancing at Meimei's photo or Gohan's. He returned the gravity to normal for now in order to rest, knowing that Gohan would never let him hear the end of it if he hurt himself while training. He grabbed a water bottle from the internal fridge and sat down in the pilot's chair to watch the void of little white dots pass him by. He found his mind drifting back to before Gohan was born and he had taken a seat after training with Meimei. She had really run him through the ringer that day due to how fast she was.
    Goku smiled softly as his memory continued, remembering when afterwards that she had felt kind of bad for hitting him as many times as she had managed to and had slipped down the hem of his pants and boxers to start licking his member. The memory was so exotic to him still that just resting there in his capsule his member started to get rock solid. He let out a soft moan from the tip pressing against the fabric, starting to beg to be free. He blushed slightly, his eyes making their way over to the picture of their family that hung on the wall. His eyes near immediately zeroed in on Meimei's visage, his memories serving as excellent stimulants. Meimei's favourite thing to do on Sundays when Gohan slept in was to give him a hand job when they were still in bed, often times she had woken him up to it.
    He sucked on his lower lip, turning away from the picture so that Gohan didn't see. He undid the tie to his pants and slipped his member out. It surprised him a little to see just how stiff it was already. Remembering exactly what Meimei would do to it, he slid his hand down and started to rub the tip of his member with his forefinger. He couldn't believe he was touching himself like this, but he missed his Meimei's touch so much that he couldn't resist any longer. "Meimei..." he breathed softly, continuing to rub the tip of his member before slowly squeezing it down the shaft and back up. Moments after doing that, he decided as soon as he got back home, when he got back home, that he would get her pregnant again.
    The short few minutes of remembering and trying to mimic his wife's touch disappeared into a couple of hours. It wasn't until he was completely spent on the tile floor did Goku stop. He eventually closed himself back up into his pants and cleaned up his mess to put into the incinerator chute. Goku was sure he was going to feel better when he got to see Gohan again, but for right now being separated from his family by two different solar systems was a little taxing on his mind and heart.
    Nothing could prepare him though for the losses he was about to face on the planet Namek.

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    Goku looked at the clock on the screen in front of him. He had twenty minutes to touch down. He gripped his hands at his sides tightly, waiting at the door as his capsule careened down through the atmosphere. He couldn't shake the fear that was filling the air as he landed after those long, anticipation filled minutes. He shivered slightly as the door opened to let him out. He had the Zenzu beans tied tightly to his belt, his hand coming up and gripping tightly in the air. He felt so much stronger, but it felt horrible all at the same time. The saiyan looked around, looking for the familiar energy signatures of Kuririn and Gohan. They were fading fast. The sensation quickly sent chills down his spine, heading off before the chill had time to reach what was left of his tail. His face was stern, his hands gripped so tightly his nails were cutting into the palm of his skin.
    "I'm coming Gohan!" he said loudly, pushing his power level up and rushing towards where he felt Kuririn and Gohan. He started to feel Vegeta's energy too, making him all the more concerned. However, he seemed almost as far gone as Gohan and Kuririn were. The closer he drew to their location the more energy signatures he felt, each one stronger than the next. He could do nothing but hurry. Goku's heart cried out in anguish from the feeling of Gohan slipping through is fingers so slowly. Meimei wouldn't forgive him and he wouldn't be able to live without her. He wouldn't be able to live without his son either. Pushing his body further, he flew as fast as he could.
    Then he spotted them. Four huge alien men fighting against his friends and son. The biggest and ugliest one of the group had his foot on Gohan's back and was pressing down with the sickest and one of the most evil smirks Goku had ever seen. This only enraged him further. "Get away from my SON!" he shouted out as he flew straight into the male, shouldering hard enough he heard a few ribs crack from the other. The huge male flew across the field and face planted into the dirt, skidding across. Sure enough, Vegeta was standing and looking worse for wear while Kuririn and Gohan were down. Goku took the time to kneel down to Gohan and pull him up into his arms. "I'm here, Gohan," he said softly, his body still aching under the tension of the boy starting to slip away. He wasted no time in administering a Senzu bean to him, making him eat it and swallow it down. Gohan quickly came around, healed fully. The boy looked up at his father and blinked a few times, wondering if he was really seeing this. "Dad..?" he questioned some, blinking again before tears slid from his eyes, "Daddy!" Gohan cried out, jumping up and hugging his much larger father around the shoulders. Goku hugged him back as tight as any father would.
    Goku let Gohan down and narrowed his eyes at the large male he had nearly head butted off of his son. He was laughing stupidly and rubbing his nose before he patted his side. "That kinda hurt, funny man," he said. He put his hands on his hips and kept that cocky smile that was starting to irritate Goku to no end. "Who are these guys, Gohan?" he asked as he took a defensive posture. "They're the Ginyu Force. Some of Frieza's guys," Gohan explained. "Frieza?" he asked lightly, mildly remembering hearing the name before. "Yeah, the's the bad guy who has been killing all the Namekians while looking for the Dragon Balls," he continued, "The ugly guy is named Recoome, the Red guy is Jeice, and the blue guy is Burter... Guldo was taken care of by Vegeta and their leader took off with the Dragon Balls we collected." Goku gave a thoughtful sound and looked at Gohan for a second. He kept his eyes on the massive male named Recoome, reaching down and undoing the Senzu bean bag from his belt. "Give one to Kuririn, Vegeta looks like he could use one too. As soon as Kuririn is back on his feet, get out of here," Goku said. "But Dad..." Gohan tried. "It's not a suggestion, Gohan," Goku quickly shot back in a stern voice.
    Gohan nodded when he realized his father was very serious. He had only seen him like this once before, back when some weird guy had threatened that he was going to steal his mother away. Of course, not long after that, the weirdo met this side of his father. Gohan stopped staring at his father and trotted over to Kuririn to coax him into taking the Senzu bean so they could get out of there. It took him a little, but eventually Kuririn and Gohan fled the scene after Gohan had given a bean to Vegeta. Goku looked at Vegeta, his eyes narrowing. Immediately he suspected that Vegeta wasn't going to be sticking around. His suspicions proved true the moment after Vegeta was at full strength. Vegeta left Goku with a cackle, leaving him to fight the four on his own. Goku didn't think it was going to be much of a challenge, and he was right. Soon enough, much to Goku's extreme dislike, he had killed Recoome and Burter, the red skinned Jeice fleeing for his life.
    Goku didn't care if they were going to come back later. This planet was big enough and he, Gohan and Kuririn knew how to hide their powers from the scouters that the team was wearing. Goku wasn't going to wait around for Jeice to return with anyone else. He was far more concerned with getting everyone out of this problem safely and more than soundly. He also wanted to get this over with as soon as possible in order to get Gohan home and see Meimei again. He sighed softly and quickly began to scan for the suppressed signatures of Gohan and Kuririn since he knew what to look for. Quickly making his large energy signature disappear, he went of to join both of them. Then he could hold his son like he had been waiting for a whole two months to do again.
    Finally, he found them, nestled in a crevice of rocks with Bulma. She certainly looked like she'd had better months, but she was relieved enough to see Goku as it was. Gohan tackled his father and Goku hugged him tightly, protectively holding onto his very young son and nuzzling into his hair for a few long minutes. He continued to hold onto Gohan while Kuririn and Bulma started to speak. Bulma had gotten a crash course of what was going on in the last week. "So tell me about this Freiza guy, is he really strong?" Goku asked, looking to his long time friends. "According to Vegeta, he's like, the worst of the worst. He even blew up your and Vegeta's home world, just out of spite. He's killed thousands and has ordered the death of millions of people. So yeah, I'm kinda' terrified about having to face this guy to get the Dragon Balls back," Kuririn spoke, crossing his arms and browing his head. "But Kuririn, he's threatening our side of the galaxy, it's only a matter of time before he makes it to Earth and blows us up along with it," Bulma remarked, turning towards him with her hands out. She then turned to Goku, who was no holding onto Gohan who was sound asleep in his father's grasp. "You're strong enough to beat him, aren't you?" she asked, both of her brows raised in the hope he would say yes. "I feel I could be up to the challenge, but I don't know the price that would have to be paid to defeat him, that's the only thing that worries me. The last thing we need is for him to start threatening Earth. At least here, we have plenty of open space to fight him, but I think I'd be hard pressed to fight him on Earth with more people," he said, furrowing his brows, "it looks like I have no choice but to stop him here."

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