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    Born: 733 age

    Height: 1.626m (5'4")

    Weight: 54.431kg (120lbs)

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Black

    Blood Type: AB+
    Nendai, Saiyan Elite Nendai11
    One of Vegeta's most trusted allies, Nendai has sworn her eternal loyalty to the prince. After being considered too dangerous to even use the Oozaru form around anyone, Nendai had her tail removed as a baby. Nendai is also a close companion to the prince, his only tie and his secret hope for the future of the Saiyan race since growing up with him. Only she knows the real him, behind every nook and in every cell. She is a flamboyant and rogue fighter, solidifying her words with every lead filled punch. She has no desire to become a super saiyan, though much to Vegeta's distaste. She is known to be the only one the prince shows public displays of kindness to. Usually the execution force behind a lot of their missions, Nendai tends to carry around a laser pistol if she doesn't find it necessary to waste energy on someone in order to kill them. She typically comes across as a cruel soul, but anyone who dares to call her a friend knows that beneath the hot exterior and cold eyes, she's a loving person and above all else she places her loyalty to Vegeta.

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