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    Goku x Meimei Goku_n10

    A love that has no equal is the best way to describe the relationship between Goku and Meimei. Goku tends to take everything she says to heart, whether it's good or bad and often calls her a saint for putting up with him. Life has no better teacher than experience and Meimei has certainly given him a lot. Meimei adores him unconditionally, taking everything in stride. She takes a lot of pride in teaching him and helping him understand the world around him while giving him all the love and affection she feels he more than deserves for all the good he has done with his life. The two are often near drunk with adoration for each other and each knows just what cost the death of the other would have on one another. The two are rarely known to spend more than two hours apart, Goku often rushing back to her as soon as he is able. To him, his greatest accomplishment in life is to be married to the most fantastic woman he is aware of and to her, her greatest accomplishment is not only to be married to him but to be the mother of the world's hero's son.

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