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    The room was dark and it smelled like rotten flesh. Disgusting, rotting once living flesh. Nendai's dark eyes snapped open and she growled, not entirely remembering what had hit her. She grimaced as she tried to recall, but nothing was coming to mind. She tried her restrains, finding them to be electrostasis cuffs that had a few prongs imbued into her skin. "Son of a..." she started to curse, looking around. She was trying to remember what had been happening before she had ended up in this stinking hell pit. From the shadows she could make out, it looked similar to a torture room on one of Frieza's vessels. Certainly the last thing she needed. Before all of this, she had just left Nero with Kakarot's wife, Meimei, so that he and their youngest son could play together. As far as she figured, she must've been ambushed suddenly while on her way to spend some time with Vegeta. She'd always been very punctual about meeting up with him, so she already knew that her husband knew something was up the moment she became a minute late.

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    Vegeta looked at his watch and then to the skies for about the umpteenth time. Nendai wasn't with him when she said she would be, which he instantly knew to be a problem. He had known her for the majority of his life, never once had he known Nendai, his Nendai, to be late for anything be it some delay or anything really. No, only time she'd ever not been somewhere when she said she was going to be was when something very physical was keeping her in place. He quickly returned home to put on his usual combat clothes from the suit he was wearing and shot off into the sky. His first place to check was with Kakarot and his wife. Soon he landed, causing Kakarot, now called Goku, to look at him in a bewildered state, his arms full with fire wood while Gohan played with Goten and Nero. "Vegeta, what are you doing here?" he questioned, tossing down the wood and dusting off his hands, "I thought you and Nendai were going out tonight." Vegeta gave a swift growl at his friend and rival.
    "Something is wrong, Kakarot," he said swiftly, his arms crossing. The fact that Vegeta had come right out and said that to him certainly put Goku on edge. He furrowed his brows, patting out the front of his shirt, "Nendai didn't show up on time?" "I can't even sense her Kakarot, something has got to be wrong!" he said louder. Nero crawled up to his father, the fact the baby looked nearly identical to Vegeta was a slight bit of a shock to Goku since he had never really noticed it before. Vegeta, through his harsh exterior had come to be a very loving father towards Nero alone, crouched down and picked up his Saiyan son that still had his tail. "Do you know what happened to your mother?" he asked, knowing that saiyan children were incredibly observant, even at such a young age. While still on one knee and looking rather critically at his son, Nero made a popping sound a few times, waving his hands around like he said that mommy went poof. Goku watched Vegeta as he seemed to communicate with his son on a near telepathic level, the concern as a husband unintentionally starting to fill his eyes. Goku walked over to Vegeta and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Leave Nero here with Meimei, We'll go talk to Bulma and Dr. Briefs and see if they have any anomalies registered in the area. Then we'll find Nendai and who ever took her," he reassured the saiyan prince. "We better, because they have no idea what they just signed themselves up for," he growled in pure hatred towards who ever took his wife from him. Goku's human wife Meimei joined them and took Nero inside, having Gohan help with his baby brother. The two took off, Vegeta's mind rushing with the endless things that were going to happen to these freaks that decided to take Nendai from him. Goku couldn't help but feel worried about Nendai as well, who knew what these people were doing to her. "Nero suggested that Nendai disappeared about a mile from here," Vegeta explained. Goku arched a brow, "How do you know that?" he asked, directing his attention to the Prince. "Saiyan children are naturally highly observant. An infant can't tell the difference between an attack and a sonic boom yet, it sounds like a pop. Sonic Booms only heard once, but attacks are heard multiple times due to their energy output," Vegeta continued to explain, much to his dislike to the lower-class counterpart he had in his presence. "But... that doesn't explain how you know Nendai disappeared nearby from here," Goku continued. Vegeta growled a little. "The succession. The closer together the 'pops' the closer it is... it's a complex equation I'm sure your Earth math can't get a grip on," he growled finally.
    Goku paused for a moment, thinking about how observant Saiyan children are supposed to be. Wow, I guess that's why I got the Kamehameha Wave so fast, he thought to himself with his brows still furrowed. However, both he and Vegeta knew that there was nothing that could be done for Vegeta's wife until they got the information they needed from Bulma and Capsule Cooperation Satellites.

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