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    Kigaima are a namekian offshoot made up of primarily females. Their race is named after the Japanese word for Snail, makigai. They are typically pale orange to dark brown, depending on age. The race is very philosophical like the Namekians, but have advances in technology, science and mathematics. They do not tolerate any kind of violent members of society so they are often exiled to the corners of Namek or to the far reaches of space. All Kigaima are roughly six to six and a half feet tall. They have pale pink or white hair and they all have the pointed ears, claws and sharp teeth indicative of the Namekian race and live an upwards of four hundred years. They age at a rate of four human years per year until mature then they age one year for every two and a half.

    Born: 755 age

    Height: 1.854m (6'1")

    Weight: 82.554kg (182lbs)

    Hair: Coral

    Eyes: Black

    Blood Type: N/A

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