A blast from the Past


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    A blast from the Past Empty A blast from the Past

    Post  Ravage on Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:21 am

    In a future where there is no great, Earthly protector, the world is thrown into chaos by two androids. Both were created and programmed for the purpose of destroying the protector known as Goku but upon finding him nowhere to be found, they decided to wreak havoc across the globe. It is a pure Apocalypse.

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    Trunks had just returned from a venture into the past. On his journey, he met a girl named Tabitha who had the wonderful ability to see the future and use all sorts of Ki based powers, trained by the Mystic named Baba. Because she served no purpose in the past and could better serve the Earth among the battered remnants of Trunks' post apocalyptic timeline. In the time Trunks had come to know her, he found himself to be quite fond of her. He didn't exactly know how fond, but enough to know how much his world would break apart if she were to end up like his master, Gohan.

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