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    The wind blew across the open, empty plains of the rocky area that had seen many battles and bore the scars. The dust kicked up a little and two saiyans stared at one another across the vastness. One was the monster of power known as Broly. Broly was a super saiyan and he had come to destroy the planet because he didn't have his vengeance against the saiyan warrior, Kakarot. Across from the bohemoth was a female considerably smaller than him. Her name is Nendai, an elite to the royal family. Her black hair ebbed gently in the wind, just as Broly's did. "Bring me Kakarot," the loud mouthed sadist Broly barked. "If you want him you're going to have to go through me first," Nendai retorted, lowering her head some as her gaze turned to a glare.
    Broly was the first to end the words and start the battle. He launched himself up with the incredible speed he was known for and forced his mass towards the female. She stood ready, her hands balled into fists as she prepared for impact. While she was small, she was still a great deal more powerful than that appearance made it seem. The moment he got right in front of her, Broly pushed his speed up further and managed to get around behind the female. He threw his punch and the female ducked under and to the side of his massive arm,grabbing onto his arm and heaving him up over her body. He pulled out of her grasp before he could hit the surface below. He smirked just slightly, not expecting that kind of oomph from a woman.
    He did manage to get hold of her head though in his huge hand as he swung around. She reached up and grabbed onto his wrist in order to try and break the grasp on her face. Broly quickly consumed the space between attacks and thrust her downward into the ground. He heard the breath leave her lungs as he pounded her head and body into the ground, but that didn't amuse him long enough. He pushed off the ground again, dragging her head through the rocky sands of the desert. "Really, after all this talk this is the best you can come up with?!" Broly snarled. His gaze then broke to the female's left hand extending out at him as she peered through his fingers. Purple energy started to collect in her hand, the same way his green energy collected. His brow arched but the blast soon went off in his face. He was forced to drop Nendai and she hit the ground with a hard sound. The female then growled and swung herself around, her white boot driving itself into Broly's hard muscled torso. It took a few seconds for the total transfer of energy to fully hit Broly, but eventually he was sent flying, hitting back through four spires of rock before he finally slowed his tragectory and halted. He looked around with a hard growl. Nendai took the small moment to wipe the blood from her mouth and eyes. She had just been dragged through several yards of stone after all. She hissed loudly and then shot off again to follow where she had sent Broly flying. The huge male appeared behind her midflight and she was hit in the back. It forced her into the ground, rolling over to her side and then over her shoulder as Broly stomped into the ground and then drove his fist through the earth below. She back flipped away and watched him as he yanked his limbs from the ground. Broly sent the rock chunks flying as he suddenly powered up to full. "I'm done playing this game with you!" he shouted angrily, his rage dripping on every letter and in every ounce of power he shoved out of his body. It started to push Nendai back before too long. She had to cover her face with her arms to keep from being hit in the face with flying debris.
    The more power he pushed out, the more he started to enrage the fellow saiyan female that he was against. No one was allowed to have more power than Vegeta! "I'll take you out like that stupid prince," Broly then said with a sneer on his face as his white, pupilless eyes glared at Nendai.
    Nendai's grip in her hands tightened so much that just her nails digging into her skin caused the skin to bleed. The blatant rage was starting to feel more like a trigger. "Oh, so you're going to get serious now?" Broly continued to heckle the female. It had already been taking her to her usual edge to fight against him. Here the legendary super saiyan was, trying to push her over that edge, and it was working. "That's it, you're so dead," she said as she then pulled her arms back and rushed through the blazing levels of energy, the glow of the false Super Saiyan emanating from the female. Broly sneered more, raising his arms and blocking her incoming hit. It connected but it pushed him back, driving his feet into the ground.
    Soon the two were exchanging blows midair, the sonic booms heard all over earth. They had finally come to a mild stalemate, their forearms pressed hard against one another in order to block any incoming attacks, and they were low enough that they were preventing any kicks from coming up without pulling back. "After I'm done with you, I'll kill everyone, I'll kill them all!" he heckled, "Especially Kakarot and Vegeta!" He then spat in her face, the rage now bursting over and turning into Nendai's energy. The female finally went completely super saiyan, the raw power near equal to Broly's. Now he was amused by this development. "So, out of the survivors, the only challenge worth a crap is a woman!" He was soon shut up though as Nendai's fist drove right into his mouth, actually breaking a couple of his teeth. She started to pummel his face until he got a shot in and punched her in the gut, winding her for just long enough that he was able to hammer smack her towards the ground below.
    Nendai recovered quickly and then rushed the large saiyan. She started to follow up with a series of Ki blasts, the purple energy beams targeting on him. He dodged them all with ease, following in the rush back down towards her. With their following impact, every rock spire in the area was leveled, the ground even cratered a little. The female then backed off a little to collect up energy for her next attack. She powered up her body just a little more. "Just going to send more stuff for me to dodge?" Broly heckled. Then, even before his eyes, causing some alarm to Broly, she disappeared. She soon reappeared to his right, a bright orange light forming in her hands which were extremely close to his face, "Dodge this," she snorted, firing the beam that shot Broly into the ground. He was out for now, but Nendai was spent. She dropped to the ground, panting hard as she sat on the rocky ground.

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