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    It's a world ruled by nothing but the survival of the fittest, the law of nature. It's way any hell should be. It's watched over by the tyrant Darkseid. No one in the universe has ever been known to be more diabolical than the lord and master of the people of this fire forged world. Years had passed since he had made that uneasy pact with High Father from the world New Genesis, the neighboring world. That world is the exact polar opposite. Nothing but a utopia. Frankly, its existence made Darkseid sick. He glared across his throne room as one of his several illegitimate sons, Kalibak, a brutish looking male of roughly two thirds his own size. He was stupid, for certain. He was still his son however, and his family was still subject to the power his name contained, and the reach it maintained. His greed certainly overshadowed the intellect he did have, not that his doggish appearance meant much to Darkseid in the first place.
    Of course, of all his sons, the only one of legitimate namesake he gave up to High Father int that pact, now named Orion. Certainly, the boy now calling himself from New Genesis was a thorn in his side to say the least. His mother was, well, Darkseid had no further need for her so she was eliminated. She stood to make things even more difficult. Tigra wasn't even good conversation, so it was no loss to him. Orion's heart broke and proved he contained his father's rage when he found out, but nonetheless, he failed to care that she was gone.
    Now, of all the consorts the lord of evil had ever had, his favorite by far was the one he had now. Zell was an indestructible war machine he was proud to have found himself. She was intelligent enough to outsmart him, but docile enough she was nothing short of absolutely loyal. She was also a small female. She was attractive, something he demanded since he only deserved the best, and soft spoken. Her appearance was rather unique all the same with grayish blonde tresses of hair being in thick ropes and being tied back, she had naturally tan skin from living on this world of fire, and her gray eyes had red slash tattoos down them that started about mid-forehead and ran down to her jaw. Her wardrobe was nothing spectacular, rather downplayed in stripes and spoke in volumes of her seemingly docile behavior.
    Time and time again, however, she had proven that looks can very much be deceiving. She was capable of taking himself in combat, but honestly preferred to knock around his enemies for him instead. Zell even kept the treacherous Granny Goodness in check for him when he could not be bothered to.
    Best of all, she adored his punishment and because of her ability to take it, it had made having sex with her enjoyable and something Darkseid's sadism craved repeatedly. One might dare say he loved her. Of course, if they dared he didn't spare them, he didn't need anyone thinking that she was some kind of weakness. The moment they suggested it, it was so outrageous that they didn't deserve the gift of life.

    Now, nothing but fury surged in his center. He was gripping hard onto the arms of his throne, Kalibak had reported that Zell was missing and could not be found on either New Genesis or Apokolips. His only assumption now was that the heroes of the Earth's Justice League had somehow made her disappear, as she would ordinarily have herself perched on top of his throne back while he dealt with day to day war. She would often be sent off to remove a threat here and there and when he so chose to have her there, she would be without question. She was diminutive, but among the sulfur and burning flesh smells he knew to his home, her's certainly helped cap the rage he felt while dealing with the morons that had decided to serve him instead of suffering and dying. It was a bittersweet smell of smoke and the sweet savor of cooking flesh.
    He often took what he wanted, but when he wanted something and it was not there to take, he would do anything in his power to get it. At the moment, he wanted to kill Kalibak with his Omega Ray, but the given moment he was the head of the sweep for Zell. Darkseid was in no mood to sully his hands just yet, unless it was true that Zell had landed on Earth somehow. Granted, if she did destroy the planet or at least most of the population, it still didn't violate the pact with New Genesis given he could claim he didn't know she was there.

    "Get out of my sight," Darkseid finally seethed as his scowl darkened and his ruby coloured eyes narrowed, glaring at the incompetent hunk of flesh in front of him that was unfortunately related to him. He had nothing more to say to the brute. Kalibak responded with a quick 'Yes, Darkseid' and ran out like a coward. That only sickened him more. After the boy left, he growled out loudly and his grip finally crushed the stone chair arms. His pieces were not laid out in front of him so he didn't have a decision to make yet. Not unless Zell made herself known.

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