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    Vegeta had defaulted to a brutal, evil mindset. While he was still crude and rude and mean, he wasn’t exactly evil. He’d destroyed an entire city, cackling manically. “C’mon, won’t anyone challenge me?” he cried out, enjoying the overwhelming sensations of fear he felt from the people of Earth. “We’ve got to stop him before he decides to blow the whole planet up!” Goku cried out, bringing his arm up to shield his face from flying debris. “But he’s gotten way too powerful Goku! He’ll slaughter you!” Krillin replied. “I’ve got to try though!” Goku replied. He closed his eyes tightly, clenching his fists. Goku gave out a battle cry as his energy sky rocketed. “Vegeta, I challenge you!” Goku shouted, shooting off the ground, his energy strong enough it was visible and made him look like he was on fire.
    “Really, Kakarot? Think you’ll survive?” Vegeta sneered. Goku remained on guard as Vegeta disappeared and reappeared behind him, about to attack from behind. Goku dodged the swing of Vegeta’s arm and caught hold of it. He quickly tossed Vegeta across the air, but the saiyan prince recovered. “Good move, Kakarot, but now you’re going to die,” he cackled, “It’s been fun knowing you Kakarot.” “But why Vegeta, why did you go back to being Evil? Why?!” Goku shouted. “So I can forget all the imbeciles that live on this pathetic Planet! To go back to the true warrior I was!” Vegeta shouted. “To forget everyone? That’s a pretty lame excuse if you ask me!” Goku retorted. “Shows what you know!” Vegeta howled.
    The reason for Vegeta’s default back to his old self was the loss of the only person who had been truly dear to him since the destruction of his home planet. “Fuck you and all the humans, all their diseases, their primitive science!” Vegeta shouted out, starting to charge his Galic Gun. “Vegeta, think about what Kara would want you do!” Goku tried to reason. “It doesn’t matter what she would want me to do… she is Dead and she can’t come back!” Vegeta roared, “No humans would save her! Now… DIE!” He shot off his Galic Gun, straight down towards the surface of the planet with every intention to destroy the Earth. Goku acted quickly and shot off a Kamehameha to deflect the blast away, back up into space where it exploded in the moon’s orbit.
    Goku realized there was no reasoning with a bereaved Vegeta. They couldn’t use the dragonballs again to bring Kara back to life, she had died of a rare disease to the Lungs and heart. Goku quickly figured that Vegeta’s mind had declared that the doctors who were meant to help her were responsible. “I watched one of the strongest warriors in the universe whither away into death, do you have any idea what that is like, Kakarot?!” Vegeta shouted while he began to rush Goku. The two were coming to blows so hard that each contact had its own sonic boom. “I don’t Vegeta, but you’ve got to stop! You’ve got--!” Goku was winded by Vegeta driving his knee into Goku’s stomach. Giving out a loud battle cry, Vegeta used his Big Bang Attack and blew Goku straight into the ground next to Krillin.
    “So.. Um.. How’s the reasoning with Vegeta going?” Krillin asked. “Terribly…” Goku groaned. That attack had hit Goku harder than he thought. He was completely winded. “Now, Die… DIE ALL OF YOU!” Vegeta shouted, once again charging his Galic Gun. A sudden rush of air came from behind Vegeta before he felt a hand quickly grab his wrist. It startled him. “Vegeta, stop,” a familiar voice said to him. Vegeta looked behind him, his eyes wide. “K-Kara,” he muttered. His massive energy starting to die down. The red haired female saiyan was holding onto his wrist, the same kind expression she usually gave him on her face. Her red hair was lit up gently by a halo over her head and out of her back she had two gargantuan wings of white.
    She let go of his wrist and placed her hand on his face. He was shaking slightly now. “I know you are angry, upset… sad, but that is no reason to take innocent life,” Kara cooed. “But you’re still dead, they let you die…” Vegeta growled slightly, his fists tightening. “I let go because it was causing you pain… now… it is your turn to let go,” Kara replied. She continued to gently keep her hand on his face, gently running her thumb over the arch of his cheekbones.
    “What’s going on up there?” Krillin asked as he squinted slightly. Goku’s eyes were shut tightly from the pain Vegeta had introduced his body to again. He took a moment, trying to concentrate. Goku looked up towards Vegeta, squinting at the figure up there with Vegeta. When he realized who it was, despite his pain, Goku’s eyes widened significantly. “It’s Kara!” Goku said loudly. “What!?” Krillin asked in surprise. It wasn’t too much longer before Kara faded away and landed on the ground. Goku had recovered enough to stand, walking over to who he hoped was once again his friend. “Are you okay Vegeta?” He questioned the Saiyan prince from behind, a good several steps back. “I’m Fine… Now go away,” Vegeta said, his voice sounding a little choked up. “Um… Okay,” Goku said blandly. He and the others cleared out.
    “I’m just fan-fucking-tastic,” he said under his breath, looking down at a white scarf Kara had left him with, wrapped inside being the locket she normally wore. “Just… fan-fucking… tastic,” he muttered again, tears sliding from his eyes down onto the scarf. He held the scarf up to his face, inhaling the scent on it before he started to silently sob in his solitude.

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