Pokémon Trainer Card: Draco


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    Pokémon Trainer Card: Draco

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    Name: Draco
    Age: 20
    Current residence: Blackthorn City
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 215
    Love Interest: none
    Specialty Type:


    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Level: 95
    Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Draco Meteor

    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Level: 89
    Dragon Pulse, Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Surf

    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Level: 87
    Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Perish Song, Sky Attack

    Nature: Lonely
    Ability: Levitate
    Level: 88
    Dragon Claw, Hone Claws, Stone Edge, Earthquake

    Nature: Lonely
    Ability: Intimadate
    Level: 94
    Crunch, Dragon Claw, Fly, Flamethrower

    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Level: 93
    Dragon Claw, Hone Claws, Stone Edge, Earthquake

    Nature: Unknown
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Level: 91
    X-Scissor, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Earthquake

    Nature: Unknown
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Level: 90
    Crunch, Dragon Claw, Superpower, Outrage

    Nature: Unknown
    Ability: Levitate
    Level: 92
    Crunch, Work Up, Dragon Rush, Draco Meteor


    Draco was born at the Lake of Rage. His mother died in labor, and the man who delivered the birth found that Draco had the Mark of the Dragon. The old man called Lance, the Dragon Champion, to come to the Lake of Rage immediately. Lance arrived at the Lake of Rage and checked the baby for the Mark of the Dragon. He quickly found the mark on the boy's shoulder. Lance immediately took the child to the Dragon's Den and the Council of Elders had a meeting to decide if they should let the boy live at Blackthorn City. The Council passed the decision and Draco lived and studied at the Dragon's Den to become a full fledged Dragon Tamer. On Draco's tenth birthday, the Elders presented Draco a Dratini to begin his quest as a Dragon Tamer.

    Draco proceeded South to New Bark Town and East to Violet City to compete in his first Gym Battle. Draco and Dratini decimated Falkner to earn his first Gym Badge. Draco continued on his Pokémon Journey. In a short month, Draco had defeated Bugsy and Whitney to earn his second and third Gym Badges. A week later, Draco challenged Morty to his fourth Gym Battle. Dratini evolved into Dragonair mid battle and defeated Morty's Gengar to earn his fourth Gym Badge.

    Draco continued West to Olivine City. Jasmine was unavailable to battle as she was sick with a cold. Instead of waiting, Draco traveled south to Cianwood City to face Chuck. While passing through the Whirl Islands, Draco caught a mild tempered Seadra.

    Draco challenged Chuck to a Gym Battle the moment he reached the island. Seadra defeated Chuck's Primape, but lost to his Poliwrath. Draco retaliated with Dragonair to defeat Chuck and win his fifth Gym Badge. While on his way back to Olivine City, Draco bumped into a trainer and they switched Pokéballs by accident. Draco realized that the balls must have been switched when he battled a trainer on one of the islands and a different Pokémon, Alakazam, came out. After defeating the trainer, Draco returned to Cianwood and asked the trainer to return his Seadra. The trainer refused at first, but agreed to a battle with their old Pokémon and if Draco won, he'd get his Seadra back. To his surprise, Seadra had evolved into Kingdra. After a fierce battle, Draco barely won with the trainers old Alakazam. After seeing the Alakazam's might, the trainer was happy to make the trade.

    Draco returned to Olivine City and defeated Jasmine with his Dragonair for his sixth Gym Badge. Draco then traveled East toward Mahogany Town. Draco defeated Pryce with Kingdra. Draco then traveled through the Ice Path back to Blackthorn City. There, he would battle Clair, the Gym Leader of Blackthorn. In the fierce battle, Clair defeated his Kingdra with her Dragonair. Draco retaliated with his own Dragonair to defeat Clair's weary Dragonair. Draco's Dragonair then contested against her Kingdra. As Dragonair was about to lose it evolved into Dragonite. With its immense power, it defeated the Kingdra to earn his eighth and final Gym Badge of Johto.

    With his victory against Clair, Draco was offered the spot to become Gym Leader of Blackthorn. Draco refused and confessed that his goal is to become the Dragon Champion. Wilma, one of the members of the Council, taught Dragonite Draco Meteor. With only two Pokémon, Draco entered in the Tojoh Tournament. Draco decimated every trainer that stood in his path until he reached the finals. With Krobra as his opponent, their battle raged for hours. Both trainers swore only to use one Pokémon each; Dragonite for Draco and Charizard for Krobra. Dragonite attempted the fabled Draco Meteor ability. Charizard was able to withstand the terrible attack and finish off Dragonite with a Dragon Pulse.

    With Draco's loss at the Tournament, Draco did not stay to see Krobra face the Elite Four. Draco instead went to Kanto to defeat their Gyms and attend next year's Tojoh Tournament. For a year, Draco challenged and defeated the Gyms of Kanto with ease. Draco participated in the Tojoh Tournament and won it with using only Dragonite. Without Krobra, Draco felt he was robbed of a true victory. Draco refused to face the Elite Four and retreated to Mt. Silver to train for the next seven years.

    After seven years of training, Draco emerged out of Mt. Silver and decided to challenge the Gyms once more. But instead of competing in the Tojoh Tournament, Draco instead traveled to the land known as Hoenn. Draco arrived in Slateport City and traveled North to Mauville City to challenge Wattson to a Gym Battle. Draco decimated Wattson with his Kingdra. Draco felt that since his Pokémon were so powerful, he'd have to catch new Pokémon. After hearing that there were Dragon Pokémon further North, Draco traveled further north. While traveling through Route 111, Draco found a Swablu. He heard that this bird evolved into a Dragon, so he caught it.

    Draco continued to travel on Route 111 in search for more Dragons. While traveling through the desert, A Trapinch attempted to eat one of his Pokéballs. Before he released it, he checked his Pokédex and to his surprise, it would evolve into a Dragon. With this knowledge, Draco kept the Trapinch.

    When Draco reached Fallarbor Town, Draco deposited Dragonite and Kingdra to keep himself from neglecting the training of Swablu and Trapinch.

    Draco continued on West to Meteor Falls in hopes in catching the final Dragon rumored to be in the area. While searching, Draco found that Dragon: Bagon. Draco used Trapinch to battle the Bagon. Bagon was to powerful for the Trapinch, and Trapinch evolved into Vibrava to overpower the Bagon. Draco caught the Bagon to add to his collection of mystical Pokémon.

    With his new Dragons, Draco traveled South East to Lavaridge City. There he challenged Flannery to a Gym Battle. In mid battle, Bagon evolved into Shelgon. Draco used Shelgon's new abilites to defeat Flannery and win his second Hoenn Gym Badge.

    Draco then traveled further South to challenge Roxanne to a Gym Battle. After he defeated her, Swablu evolved into Alteria.

    Draco continued to train his Dragon Pokémon and challenge the Gyms. Draco defeated Norman and Brawly for his fourth and fifth Gym Badges. Draco continued back North to Fortree City. After a month of traveling, Draco finally reached Fortree City. Draco used Vibrava to defeat all of her Pokémon. It evolved into Flygon to take out her Alteria.

    He proceeded East to Lilycove City. He used Flygon to fly across the ocean to challenge Liza and Tate to a Gym Battle. He defeated the twins using Flygon and Shelgon. After winning his seventh Badge, Draco flew Flygon South West to Sootopolis City to challenge Juan to a Gym Battle. With Alteria and Flygon down, Draco used Shelgon to defeat Juan's Pokémon. Shelgon evolved into Salamence in order to defeat Juan's Kingdra.

    Draco used Salamence to fly to Evergrande City to register for the Hoenn Tournament. There, he discovered that Luster, Krobra's little brother, was competing. Draco withdrew his Kingdra and Dragonite to prepare for the Tournament.

    Like the years previous, Draco dominated the preliminaries and early Tournament. Draco met Luster in the semi-finals of the Hoenn Tournament. Draco's Alteria defeated his Scizor, but fell to his Skarmory. Skarmory also defeated Draco's Flygon. Draco made the come back with Kingdra. Kindra defeated Luster's Skarmory and Steelix. Kindra, however, fell to his Magneton. With two Pokémon left each, Draco had his Salamence and Dragonite left, while Luster had Magneton and Aggron. Draco's Salamence quickly defeated Magneton with its Flamethrower attack, but Aggron overpowered the Salamence with its Stone Edge. It was now Dragonite and Aggron fighting for the title of Champion. In a long battle, Aggron's durability proved too much for Dragonite as it fell to Aggron's Stone Edge and Iron Tail. Furious with his lost, Draco stayed long enough to see Luster lose to his older brother in the finals. Draco swore he'd defeat both brothers and left to the Sinnoh Region.

    Draco arrived at Canalave City. Without checking if the Gym was available, Draco went straight to the Wayward Cave to search for the local Dragon Pokémon, Gible. Draco found a Gible while it was eating a few berries it stored. Draco caught the Gible and added it to his team. Draco deposited all of his Pokémon except the Gible and challenged the Oreburgh Gym.

    After defeating Roark, Draco traveled to Eterna City to defeat Gardenia to earn his second Gym Badge. After his victory against Gardenia, Gible evolved into Gabite.

    Draco traveled East to Hearthrome City and challenged Fantina to a Gym Battle. Gabite overpowered her Ghosts to earn his third Gym Badge. Draco continued North East to Veilstone City. There he challenged and defeated Maylene for his fourth Gym Badge. Draco continued South to Pastoria City. There, his Gabite had a hard time defeated Crasher Wake's Floatzel. However, Gabite evolved into Garchomp mid battle and annihilated the Floatzel to win his fifth Gym Badge.

    Draco then traveled back to Canalave City to defeat Bryon for his sixth Gym Badge. His Garchomp continued to grow in power and speed with every battle. Draco at this time was gaining a reputation as a dangerous trainer as Garchomp severely injured and sometimes killed the trainers Pokémon. Draco disappeared for two months as he traveled to Snowpoint City. When he finally arrived, Garchomp mowed through Candice's Ice Pokémon with a new move, Stone Edge. Draco traveled back down to Sunyshore City to challenge and defeat Volkner for his final Sinnoh Badge. Draco withdrew the rest of his Pokémon and began preparation for the Sinnoh Tournament.

    Draco entered the Sinnoh Tournament and was delighted to see both Luster and Krobra back at the Tournament. Draco decimated the preliminary matches and found himself back in the semi-finals with Luster. Unlike the last Tournament, the match was one sided. Draco saved Garchomp especially for Luster, and used it to take out his Scizor, Skarmory, Magneton, and Steelix. The Garchomp finally fell to Aggron from fatique. Draco's Kingdra made quick work of Luster's Aggron, but fell to a new Pokémon; Metagross. The battle, however, ended when Draco used Salamence to finish off the Metagross after Metagross took out Alteria and Flygon.

    Draco met Krobra in the finals of the Sinnoh Tournament. Krobra's Snorlax defeated Draco's Alteria and Flygon before falling to Kingdra. Kingdra managed to defeat Krobra's Aerodactyl before falling to Lapras. Krobra's Lapras was defeated and severely injured by Draco's Garchomp. Draco believed that Garchomp would sweep through the rest of Krobra's Pokémon, but fell to Venusaur's Frenzy Plant attack. Krobra did not have long to celebrate as Draco's Salamence tore apart Krobra's Venusaur. Salamence then fell to Krobra's Blastoise.

    Draco's Dragonite had to battle Krobra's Blastoise before Draco would tie Krobra. Blastoise managed to stay in the game long enough to tire Dragonite out before it fainted. In a rematch of the Tojoh Tournament, Draco's Dragonite and Krobra's Charizard battled it out for the Championship. Tired from its previous battle against Blastoise, Dragonite fell to Charizard once again and resulted in Krobra's victory.

    Angry with his loss, Draco once again departed to a rarely known area called the Unova region. After paying a visit to Professor Juniper, Draco began training on Route 1. While training, a stray attack from Dragonite's Draco Meteor nearly caused the drowning of a young trainer named Ivory. Draco saved the young trainer with his Kingdra. After discovering about three new Dragon Pokémon, Draco left Ivory to search for the Dragons.

    Draco quickly found himself at Mistralton Cave, which rumored to hold a Dragon Pokémon, Axew. While searching in the cave, he found a small group of them. He used Dragonite to use Draco Meteor on the small group of Axew to knock them all out. Draco looked at the fainted Axew and caught the strongest one. Draco flew to the nearest city and deposited all of his Pokémon, except Salamence, and flew to Striaton City for his first Gym Battle.

    Draco easily defeated Cress in his first Unova Gym Battle. After his victory, the young trainer from earlier asked to join him on his journey. Draco decided to let him tail him so long as he did not drag Draco down. He deposited Salamence and the two trainers traveled West to the next Gym.








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