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    Son Meimei


    Born: 738 age

    Height:1.576m (roughly 5'2")

    Weight: 58.967kg(130lbs)

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Blue

    Blood Type: A +
    Son Meimei 6d9f7c1a
    Hailing from the snow covered regions of North City and the mountain areas, Meimei met Goku several years before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Meimei and Goku have been close for a very long time, often helping him in a pinch with her patient behaviour, vast knowledge and wise words. Just before Meimi's match against Goku in the tournament, she had been attacked by a former competitor that was sore about losing to her and had a blade shoved through her left hand. While it made her attacks less effective, the match against Goku was grueling for both of them it was eventually called a tie, but Meimei forfeited the rest of the tournament because she was starting to lose the feeling in her arm and hand from blood loss. She became a bystander up until the match he had against Chichi. His childhood friend, the violent woman she was, tried to rope him into marriage but having learned what it was from Kuririn a year earlier, he denied it because he did not have any feelings for her. Instead he told her that he did have feelings for Meimei, who was far calmer and was far more reserved than the pushy princess of Fire Mountain. Chichi went ballistic and eventually had to be removed from the stadium grounds to keep her from hurting people. Meimei was quite shocked at the time, wondering if his brain was working proper.A month after the tournament, Goku and Meimei were married.
    Moving forward five years, Goku and Meimei had a son they named Gohan, after Goku's grandfather. While he was still little, Meimei helped Goku understand the far more simple things he had missed out on as a child that everyone needed for daily life. She managed to teach him up to a college level while she homeschooled Gohan since Goku's desire to live in the countryside left the little boy without a school to go to. While Goku grew into a far more well-rounded individual with Meimei's help, she managed the house and finances. Goku often tried to help but Meimei made him play with Gohan outside. With Goku's personal growth came the fact his spacey and brash behaviour eagerly disappeared. He became a doting father and a devoted husband, knowing he wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for Meimei. To Meimei, Goku and Gohan are her entire world. She kept Gohan in line while also allowing him personal freedom. Meimei vowed to never raise her voice to either Goku or Gohan unless there was some urgency.

    For as long as I can remember, Meimei has always been there for me with a kind word, a warm hug and definitely a hot meal. Without her and her help I don't think I'd be who I am today, or as confident. I love her with every piece of me, and I know she feels the same. Meimei and Gohan are everything to me, her compassion and courage help stir my own, the life blood that pumps through my veins and giving me the power to protect the Earth and all its inhabitants to more than the best of my ability.
    ~ Son Goku

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